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Authentic Teppanyaki

This time we’ve reached to this authentic Teppanyaki restaurant owned by a Japanese group, Dream Japan Malaysia (DJM) at Sri Hartamas and they served a very authentic Teppanyaki in a different way, as in skilled of cooking it and also the ingredient they used.

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Today we are lucky enough to try few of the Teppanyaki dishes recommended by the head chef.

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First, they serve us an appetizer Teppan Dasimaki, it looks just like a plain egg roll to us, but it so tastes so good and smooth.

Then the main course we took was the Wagyu Sirloin, all we can say is OMG!! The taste and texture of the Wagyu are just so perfect to serve. Do you curious why they served with white bread? Yes! it is to absorb the Wagyu oil. And if so happen you didn’t eat the bread, raise your hand and wave to the waiters or waiter they will know what to do with your bread, wait for a while your Wagyu oil bread will turn into a toast .

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For our last dish, we call it desert Lah, They serve us with Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancake), they blend the veggie, meat and flour to an awesome taste.

Last but not least, we are glad that can try their new dish also which is Takoyaki. Not on the menu yet but soon it will, LOL.

Here is our latest update for now! Enjoy 

For more info check out their page Miyabi 京都鉄板焼 雅i

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