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Best Western Petaling Jaya

Best Western, the Spot for a Relaxing Corporate Retreat

Anyone who’s familiar with Petaling Jaya knows that this part of the Klang Valley is jam packed with hundreds of amenities and places for you to visit. Be it to just have a chill out session, or catching up with friends, or just a quick bite of lunch, we all have our favourite place to go. Recently, the Food Ink team was treated to an interesting experience, which we would like to share with you. To make things easier for you to digest, the following parts will be segmented into three parts.

Food Lovers ALERT!! Introducing the WARISAN SET LUNCH

Hee-hee. For those of you who loves to “makan”, this part is for you! You know how you always go to that one same shop for lunch every day? Ordering the same nasi goreng ayam and teh O ais limau? Boy, do we have something for you! Kembali Kitchen by Best Western offers a delicious lunch menu that is really worth checking out. Here’s how the menu breakdown looks like:

For RM15 you get a choice of: Rendang ekor (Beef rendang) or Ayam Bakar Percik Kelantan (Grilled chicken in a creamy sauce or Assam Pedas Ikan Pari (Stingray in spicy sauce).

The dish of your choice gets served with rice, vegetable and some “keropok ikan”. To quench your thirst, a glass of iced lemon tea is included free of charge with every set.

We have personally tasted all the dishes mentioned above. Trust us, they are worth a visit. Especially because of the price point that they have positioned this set menu in. Instead of sitting in the mamak in the afternoon heat, make a trip to Best Western’s Kembali Kitchen and enjoy a meal in a comfortable hotel dining room. You will be greeted almost immediately by the friendly hotel staff and your afternoon lunch experience will not be the same anymore.

The Rendang Ekor is prepared for those who likes their meal to be on the spicier side of the taste meter. The meat is perfectly cooked, at medium rare, and is served with a spicy rendang gravy that compliments the meat and rice combination, beautifully. The gravy was something we couldn’t get enough of. Needless to say, our plate was clean after we were done.

Apart from that, the Ayam Bakar Percik Kelantan, is something rather unique. It is a different take on ayam percik by the hotel’s executive chef. When you think about ayam percik, the image of a delicious, succulent, slightly burned chicken thigh that is generally reddish/orange in color comes to mind. This dish is basically the same, but the chef took it for a creative spin, and serves this dish with a creamy sauce. In all honesty, it works for us. We love the traditional percik, but this is good as well! It’s one of those fusion dishes that just works. Pairing this with the pickled bean sprouts that was served as well, it made a fantastic combination in our mouths.

On to the next item on the list, which is the Assam Pedas Ikan Pari. This dish is exactly what you would expect. The gravy is a little bit on the spicy side, but it’s not too spicy, that it would make you run for a glass of water. The fish was soft, and slides off the bones easily.

In an effort to bring in more lunch crowd to the Kembali Kitchen, Best Western is currently running a promotion, where if you visit this place on WEDNESDAYS (12PM to 2.30PM) you get TWO SETS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! Psssst- You need to come in twos to enjoy this promo. Coming alone with the intention to eat 2 sets, wouldn’t work here. Ha-ha! Don’t miss out on this, and be sure to pay them a visit. You won’t regret it!

That was lunch. Now on to dinner!

For dinner, our host graced us with the BBQ BUFFET DINNER. This dinner is priced at RM110 per person. If you are a staying guest, you would enjoy a 40% discount, making your price at RM66 nett. Before diving into the vast variety of food available, let us first tell you, that this BBQ dinner, is held on the rooftop of this building. As we walked into dinner, we were greeted with servers, handing out mocktails and tapas. They were both mind-blowingly delicious. We are not over exaggerating. Sip on that mocktail and enjoy the view of the concrete jungle, with tiny ant-looking humans walking around, going through the hustle and bustle of the city.

The BBQ is performed and perfected by the executive chef of Kembali Kitchen. The meat ranges from squids, prawns, lambs, steaks, chicken wings, and even otak-otak. We especially loved the beef steak, because the meat was grilled to a nice medium rare, and paired together with some black pepper gravy, the best way to describe it would be in the following words: ADA OOOMPPH! Dinner also comes with a variety of other dishes, like satay, fried rice, tom yam soup, and also a desserts selection.

The Meeting Room Packages

Best Western houses FIVE different meeting rooms, for various events. The sizes of all rooms differs, and will be assigned to clients based on the number of attendees. The largest meeting room, would be Cahaya 5, which is located on the rooftop of Best Western. This room could easily fit about 200 people. The meeting room packages comes with lunch as well, and goes for RM118 per head including lunch and coffee break. For more information on this, contact information is as stated below:

                  Sales: +603 7610 2222

                  Email: [email protected]

The Suites, Club House and Hotel Rooms

Best Western offers a wide range of rooms, to cater to single travellers, and family vacation groups comfortably. They offer an affordable room rate for two people from RM200 nett per room night with breakfast. Stay in Best Western for a night on Friday or Saturday, and explore all the attractions within 10KM radius. Here’s some of the places of interest that can be found, close to this strategically located hotel: 1 Utama Shopping Centre (7KM), The Curve (9.5KM), Paradigm Mall (9KM), TPC KL (Golf Course), Mid Valley (5.3KM), Bangsar Shopping Centre (5.6KM), and Sunway Pyramid Mall/ Sunway Lagoon (7KM).

Pheww~ The list just goes on and on. What list? The List of Reasons on why you should plan your next short vacation here in Best Western. Come over, enjoy yourself, and let us know why you loved it!



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