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Nine Barrels at Puchong


We recently came across this restaurant, located smack centre of Puchong Jaya, less than a minute away from IOI Mall. Nine Barrels is a 3 months old bistro, that serves all kinds of beverages, ranging from alcoholic to non-alcoholic. That’s not why we are here. We are here for the food. Come along, my foodie friends, as I take you on another delicious journey, this time, at a place near you.


The atmosphere at this bistro is very much lively, with its upbeat music playing in the background, dimmed lights, with neon signs on the walls. There’s a stage for live bands to perform every Fridays and Saturdays too. If you know anyone who wants to perform here, do let us know, and we will hook you up!

Now on to the food. During our initial visit there, we have had the opportunity to try some of the signature dishes there. Before we begin, let us first say, that you don’t have to be wasted, to know that this food, is good! Let’s begin.

The Buffalo Chicken Wings

Spicy, crispy, deep fried chicken wings, with tobacco and heavy chilli flakes, sprinkled generously on the dish. The dish itself, consists of 6 pieces of wings, and my oh my… are the deliciously spicy! It was like someone dropped a bomb in my mouth and the fire just would not go out. For all you spicy lovers out there, this dish, is a must try. The thing is, it was just flaming hot, it was savoury as well. The chicken pieces were marinated and coated with flour before fried, and the combination worked really well for me. Luckily, I had an ice-cold beer on hand, while I was trying this meal. You should get one pint for yourself too while you have this.

Porky Lollipop

I double dare you to only have one of these lollipops. Confirm cannot! Bacon is wrapped in a dough, dipped in bread crumbs, and served with a garlic alveoli sauce. Mind blowing combination, and surprisingly nice. It looks like a large fish ball at first sight and it tastes like heaven at first bite. The bacon flavours explodes in my mouth and I just couldn’t stop at one.

Grilled Pork Burger

This burger dish is served with fries and coleslaw. The burger itself, was so good, I didn’t need any chilli sauce with it. Usually, I like my burgers with some dips and sauce, but this meal, was good enough to hold its own. The burger was not soggy and drenched with sauce. The chef made the right call, by grilling the bun, to give it that extra crunch, that extra buttery fat and that extra delicious smell. Combined with the pickle, in house mayonnaise, and that juicy pork patty, this made one hard to resist burger meal. The fries are topped with sprinkles of paprika to give it a hint of spice. The grilled pork burger pairs well with a nice cool pint of beer.

Our Verdict

We would positively recommend the Nine Barrels Puchong as a hangout place, to catch up with your friends over the weekends. The food here is good, the atmosphere is lively, and we didn’t manage to watch any live bands, but I’m sure, in our future visits here, we will catch some of them in action. Hey, maybe we would see you guys too! What’s more exciting, is the restaurant is looking to expand into a lunch menu, which we would be covering on another day, so stay tuned! If you’re working in IOI Mall, and you’re bored with the same old thing for lunch, maybe give this guys a try. If you’ve already tried it, comment below, let us know, what you think about the NINE BARRELS PUCHONG.



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