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Ratatouille, The Hidden Gem of Sunway Geo

Ratatouille, The Hidden Gem of Sunway

Inspired by the Disney animated movie, by the same name, this eatery located in Sunway Geo Avenue is a must visit for those who crave a taste of Asian European fusion meals. Before going in too much about the food, let’s dive into the environment. From the exterior, this place presents itself like a high-end food joint, that you probably wouldn’t want to visit in the middle of a long month. Step inside, and it’s a whole other story. The minimalistic design, with comfy seats and fences on the walls.

-Wait-hold up! Fences on the walls?

Yes. And there’s a rather romantic reason to it as well. The story goes like this. The head chef of Ratatouille, Chef John Chang, travels far and wide, in search for a love connection, between food. In his journey, he travelled through countries like Czech Republic, London, Germany, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Italy, and several more to find the right blend of ingredients to fuse, so that his restaurant, the Ratatouille, is a place where you can find, a little piece of the world in. I’m side tracking. Anyways, the reason for the fences on the walls, is for lovers, to place their padlocks or love-locks on it, as a sign of everlasting love.

This is a pork free restaurant, serving a variety of dishes, ranging from spaghetti, to salads, lamb meals, beef meals, and even dogfood. Don’t be alarmed! Dogfood is the term used in by the French to describe Chilly Cheese Fries. And let me tell you, first hand, the chilly cheese fries here, are to die for. Prepared with a rich amount of mozzarella cheese, on top of home made tomato paste (which is awesome), sprinkled with A LOT of chicken ham slices. These ingredients are the toppings on crispy fried wavy fries. The whole dish presents itself in a messy, but lovable manner. Pick up some fries and you will see the cheese pull.

Another thing worth mentioning, is the charcoal grill that the head chef insisted in having in the kitchen. A lot of their dishes are prepared on this charcoal grill, and let me tell you, it really shows. A vast variety of Ratatouille’s food is served with char grilled meat. Take for instance the Smoke Duck Spaghetti. You can truly taste the tender, juicy duck meat, with a hint of the smoky char grilled taste and smell. The spaghetti is seasoned with spices, chili flakes, and combined with the meat, I must say, it’s pretty extraordinary. The best part? You can actually be the judge of this yourself, because this fantastic meal is actually available on the Set Lunch Menu, for RM 17.90! Honestly, it’s worth every penny, because the meal portion is huge too!

The chef brings the char-grilled formula into some of his signature dishes as well. Looking at the Beef Steak and Beef Ribs. These signature dishes, are not precooked in a microwave, or boiled, or using any kitchen tricks like that. When asked, the chef refutes these methods, and claimed that “It’s really silly to do such practices, because our diners will not be able to experience how amazing beef really is.” Here in Ratatouille, they prepare all meat by grilling it, to perfection. When your steak reaches your table, the aroma, ohh laa laaa~ is going the make the people sitting next to you envious. The charcoal smell, the crispy, slightly burnt top layer, and when you cut the meat, it’s medium rare (do let the chef know how you like your meat done) interior, is going to trigger the foodie in you. That’s not even the best part. The meat is so tender! It’s not chewy and you’re not going through a jaw workout routine when you eat a steak here. In fact, you might not even need a knife while eating the beef ribs. Just use a fork! These meals come with sides as well. The mash potatoes, with garden salad serves as good neutral palates to the daring taste of the beef.

Apart from that, here’s another signature that’s rather interesting. A lamb kentucshank, that has a fried exterior. Yes, a fried exterior. Oh wait. Kentucshank? Kentucky-shank? Upon cooking the shank in the oven, the chef takes the shank out from the sauce, sets it aside. While the sauce is placed by to the hob to be thickened up, the shank is fried with a batter that reminds me a lot of fried chicken. The dish is served with the sauce poured on the shank like a volcanic eruption. Once again, the aroma is enticing, and the showmanship is real. The dish is garnished with vegetables, and the main course, is juicy, tender, with a rich blend of meat and fat combo. Take a big bite of meat, with some of the broccoli and sauce. You will not be disappointed.

Since we are on the topic of meat, here’s another bold signature for you. Grilled Smoked Duck. Duck meat, that is first smoked, on low heat and when the process is done, grilled. Chef John is really not shy to put meat on this charcoal grill of his, and honestly, we thank him for it! Best way to enjoy this dish? No sauce, just meat. Cut a big chunk of the grilled, smoked duck meat, and take a giant bite. Now chew on it, notice how tender the meat is (complete opposite of some rubber tyre duck meat out there), and now swallow. Next step? Tell your friends about it, so they can come try this too!

Shhhhh~ Let me tell you a secret. Are you a fan of risotto? If you are, or even if you’re not, but you’re looking to try something new, try the Ratatouille De Mushroom Garden. Why is this a secret? It’s because this item is not on the menu! So now you know something that others don’t. You can request for this dish, and it will be specially prepared for you. The dish is served with the mushroom and other vegetables piled up to form an island, in a sea of risotto. The rice tastes, very creamy, with a hint of meat broth. Reminds me a lot of herbal chicken and lo mai kai. Nevertheless, it is something really tasty, and it’s worth trying, and I say this, because I personally couldn’t stop munching it.

On to the drinks now. Prepare to get your minds blown, with one of the most Instagram worthy drinks of all time, the Red Devil and the Blue Lagoon. These drinks, are served ice cool, but it’s bubbling on the inside, as though its boiling hot! The colour of the drinks are as their respective names suggests, and it comes with a super cute umbrella, that you can take home to your hamsters. Looking to enhance your taste buds? Try their Three Layer Pandan Coffee. According to Chef John, they don’t use pandan flavouring, or even food colouring to get their pandan in this drink. It’s real grounded pandan leaves, and it’s really good! The pandan flavours matches really well with the coffee taste and creates something truly magnificent.

To sum things up, Ratatouille, is a restaurant that has multiple really well-done meals. You can come here every day of the week, and not order the same dish, and yet be equally satisfied. This is actually great news from our Sunway friends who’s studying in Taylor’s Lakeside Campus, Monash University, and Sunway University. Sick of the same generic meal every day? Come to Ratatouille and flash your student card to enjoy 10% off your bill. It’s as easy as that. Not good enough? Sunway Medical staffs get 10% off your meals as well! Give them a try, and thank me later.