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Yakiniku By Kushiyaki Kuni

Yakiniku (grilled meat) or BBQ,

Yakiniku are quite common now in KL. Basically you just order the meat or some veggie you want then grilled by yourself. You may have try the best yakiniku out there, but not this.

Kushiyaki Kuni has just launched out their premium great, yakiniku set. You get to eat the premium meat and veggie at a very reasonable price.

Kushiyaki Kuni served it a little different from other Yakiniku shops out there, they not only giving you their house special dip sauce (dip before you grilled), also give you sea salt and pepper as the mixture for you to grill.

You can grill it many different ways, by putting salt and pepper on the meat, dip their special sauce to grilled or mixed both. It may turn out really good and difference experienced